1. Chapter One

From unreleased recording sessions at Horizon Studios. Get it while you can!


© 2013, Josi Davis

When the car’s come
Will you take it slow?
When the rope's hung
Are you really gonna go?

Peace of mind is
Something you won't find
In Chapter One
Where you've been is
Never where the story ends
Starts at Chapter One

It's a kill game
Really oughta take it slow
Here's a fast name
Fire's burnin', gotta go

Who you are is
Never where the story ends
Found in Chapter One
When it's pageafterpageafterpageafterpage of the same old
Skip to Chapter One
...and tell me where the money goes

Rules of the road never get told
Let the plot unfold, Live undone
That's some red light
Gotta live to fight
Come on! Pass to the right
Leave the heat in the night
...and tell me where the money goes

Turn the page now
Look, it's Chapter One