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After a decade on the circuit, Josi Davis makes room for a new perspective...

Dearest friends, fans and family,

There's new music afoot from singer/songwriter Josi Davis and it's just what you'd expect - from the heart.  If she's always been one thing, it's transparent - particularly about her views on love.  So it's no surprise that as her life (and love) evolves, so does her sound...

IN THE GROOVE:  The Evolution of Love was recorded with the artists of the 50s and 60s in mind - a tribute to putting the needle down and carving the groove in the record.  What you heard was what happened in the studio - music at its most true.  Displaying the raw roots of her southern upbringing in true blues rock fashion, along with the trials of finding love and forgiving the past, EOL was a real Americana roadtrip and a great debut for this independent artist.

BIGGER IS BETTER:  Nowadays there's lots of fun to be had in the studio - digital recording allows for all kinds of layers, and Love/Rain, the elaborate collection that is her sophomore release is a show of what can happen when all the voices in your head meet a great producer and arranger.  This collaboration resulted in some truly magnificent recorded performances and beautifully received writing.  As if chasing Michael McDonald up a Top 10 List wasn't enough, "Calling" sat at the top for weeks!  This was a well-deserved accolade for this hard-working songwriter.  And just the boost she needed to inspire her next move.

 IN THE RAW:  Josi's most sought after appearances are her solo shows - the intimacy and shared energy of the room makes for a powerful and moving experience.  Her musical storytelling is exquisite, her lyrics are colorful and her voice is magic.  After years of 100+ shows and burning the candle at both ends, Josi took a winter's breath to polish some new songs and to create a new space to record them in.

It's all coming together and you'll want to be there when it's ready.  We're excited for this next release and hope you'll follow its progress!

With love,

 Phrygian Music Group